Partial recent client list:

  • Production companies: Sockeye, Juliet Zulu, Epipheo, Mew Films, Priestley, Marmoset Music, Actual Industries, T-Bar Films, ZF Creative
  • Brands: Nike, Columbia, Amazon, Adidas, Intel, Car2Go, Portland Thorns, RocheMartin, U of O Ducks


The short version: I'm a sound designer, mixer, and composer living in Portland, OR with millions of YouTube views in my portfolio from the last few years.  In my spare time, I enjoy music, vegan baking, bleach-dying my way through my entire closet, and visiting remote American towns.

The long version: I grew up greedily addicted to sound: mom is a violin teacher and improvisation method book author, dad plays most instruments you can name and many you probably couldn't, and I played piano, cello, and guitar, taking 13 years of serious classical lessons on the former two and practicing to be a rock star on the latter. I got into audio engineering as a teenager as a means to record myself, and that (and a cello-based scholarship) led me through four years at Berklee College of Music, where I graduated with a BA in Music Production and Engineering in 2006.

Shortly thereafter, I moved to Portland, OR with my wife to start a band. When we weren't going on short tours, I started diving into the sound design world, working with local creative video companies like Juliet Zulu and Epipheo, and creating and mixing sound effects for clients like Nike, The U of O Ducks, Intel, SAP, and many, many more. I also dabbled with custom commercial music composition, occasionally writing, recording, and pitching demos for Marmoset Music.

When the long-time dream to cut free and drive around the country on tour finally caught back up with my wife and I, we started a new duo called There Is No Mountain and spent 2012-2014 on almost-constant self-booked tours, ultimately hitting 40 states and playing about 250 gigs. But as we settle back into normal life here in Portland, I've jumped full-time back into helping people tell their stories the best way I know how: using sound.  Contact me at or 978.501.4130 if you'd like to know more.