Sound design:
I will use my sprawling sound effects library, my music-honed ear for mixing and texturing, and creative knack for quickly crafting custom sounds to help your video or audio production come to life. I will work with you and your team to find the best tone, style, and density for foley and effects for your project and accommodate whatever deadline your client has you working towards. Do you have a fun, lighthearted explainer cartoon? A provocative, ultra-realistic live-action shot? A sci-fi/fantasy clip? Let me handle the sound effects and mix for you.

  • Rates: $60/hr, flexible ($45 for long-scope projects or consistent work)

Media editing and mixing:
I will take your stems and masterfully edit dialogue, sound effects, or music parts that you already have placed. I will mix your project so that it shines, and provide you with stems and alternates fine-tuned to match the loudness standards of the platforms you plan to publish the project on.

  • Rates: $60/hr, flexible ($45 for multi-day projects or consistent work)

Custom jingle/composition:
I will use my decades-worth of experience writing, recording, and performing music in genres ranging from classical to jazz, rock to African hi-life, folk to metal, to create the perfect soundtrack to your production. With access to (and the ability to play) any instrument you might need, male and female voices, and a recording studio all in-house, I will help you tell your story using music.

Music mixing, mastering, and production:
This is the heart of what I studied in college, and taking a song through the mixing and mastering stages is probably my favorite thing about music.  I will work with the basic tracks you have to create the song or album that you hear in your imagination, doing any necessary editing or processing along the way.  I love working to achieve everything from lo-fi "guerilla recording" sonic styles to clean, crisp, professional-style mixes.

  • Rates: $45/hr mixing, $60/song mastering
  • Packages: $1800/full album mixed and mastered; $400/album mastered; $1600/album mixed
  • Flexible based on length and scope of project
  • Also very interested in producing rock, folk, jazz, world, electronic and pop - email me at for more details